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Find an Expert/Experience

Some providers offer free sessions, and a schedule of events. Some sites offer teachers’ guides. Some sessions are archived for offline use. Some offer sessions for a fee.

Visit the following links for session opportunities, ideas, and contacts. For some events you will need to register as a teacher to create a login, but no personal information These are only a very few of the many options available to you and your students.

Skype in the Classroom

Microsoft has a great database of virtual field trips, authors, collaborations, guest speakers etc. which are all free of charge via Skype.

Royal BC Museum Learning Portal –

The museum offers Digital Field Trips for remote classrooms to view collections and find out about the work. Digital Field Trips are inquiry-based and staff-led. Contact them directly to develop your classroom’s learning experience.


A great place to start, includes a searchable videoconference database of providers (most charge a fee, but some are free).  The sessions are also rated by teachers and they publish a list the best each year – Pinnacle Award:

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Free sessions via Hangouts hosted by a teacher (Joe Grabowski) from Guelph, Ontario.  Sessions are related to topics like conservation, oceans, adventure, etc. He hosts guest speakers from around the world and hosts similar sessions with National Geographic:

CAPspace (Collaborations Around the Planet)

CAPspace is a portal for videoconference collaborations with over 15,000 educators registered from around the world. Teachers post a collaboration for their class (ex. We’re a grade 5 class from Canada and we’d like to connect to a class in Mexico to share culture, daily life, etc.). They also have a great program called ‘Read Around the Planet’ where classes from different locations read the same book and meet to discuss and share via videoconference.


An organization that connects industry to the classroom (via Zoom) – great for career spotlights.