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Questions About Other License Options – Microsoft PML

What would be the price if my district wanted to buy Microsoft 365 A5, instead of A3?

Focused Education did not ask for M365 A5 pricing during the RFP process as we were looking for the package that best meets the needs of all members. Softchoice can provide you a quote for M365 A5 if you wish. However, Districts are reminded that the Level D pricing provided to Focused Education for its membership applies only to M365 A3 and was a unique exception made by Microsoft because we aggregated the counts of all our members.

If your District or school chooses to go with M365 A5 instead, you will pay Level A pricing which is significantly higher than Level D. Your District might be better served by choosing A3 for the whole District and stepping up to A5 for select groups who might need the added functionality in A5.

Is buying Office alone still an option for Independent Schools?

Yes, it is. Focused Education did ask for pricing for Office as a stand-alone option. Information on Office-only options will be sent to independent schools shortly. In some cases, schools do not meet the 25-user minimum required by Microsoft to access Focused Education pricing but we will work with Softchoice to get the best possible solution for each member.