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Kids Grades 4 to 6 Can Learn to Defend Their Data

Kids Grades 4 to 6 Can Learn to Defend Their Data

April 4, 2018

Kids Grades 4 to 6 can learn to defend their data with a no-charge new privacy game from MediaSmarts. Data Defenders shows kids how ad brokers try to collect their personal information and offers strategies to keep that information private.

As Canadians learn more about how companies collect and use their data, from influencing voting choices to selling products, they are increasingly worried about their privacy. But it’s not just adults who are at risk – marketers also target children, who are least equipped to protect themselves. Data Defenders is a timely tool to help teach important lessons about online privacy to kids.  The online game is accompanied by parent and teacher guides and a lesson plan for grades 4 to 6 that further reinforces privacy learning. All materials, including the game, can be accessed free of charge on the MediaSmarts website.

Data Defenders was made possible by financial contributions from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.