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BC Digital Classroom – Are you Connected?

BC Digital Classroom – Are you Connected?

September 10, 2019

Who confirmed that your students and educators are able to access the core collection resources? From school? From home?

Recommended Process: Embed the Access Widget or add the Access page link into your district or school webpage?

  • We have integrated EZproxy for an improved user experience.
  • By using the Access Widget or Access page link, you will ensure continuous, uninterrupted access to digital resources.
  • Ongoing district maintenance is not required.

Prefer to customize your own links and pages?

  • Customization will affect external access to resources.
  • Several vendors, including EBSCO and GALE, enforce specific password requirements and require frequent updates.
  • To maintain a customized page, contact each product vendor directly to update passwords and resolve any access issues.
  • You will need to implement an internal process and schedule to ensure your district links are operating correctly.

Other support information online: new bundle information; Educator Guide and Implementation and Support Technical Guide