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Act Now: ERAC Discounts on Canoe Kids

Act Now: ERAC Discounts on Canoe Kids

May 5, 2018

ERAC has reached an agreement with Canoe Kids to make Volumes 1, 2 and 3 available to members at discounted prices. Canoe Kids digital magazines celebrate the differences and similarities among Indigenous cultures. The stories, themes and extraordinary photography are a valuable resource for teachers and students in developing an understanding of First Peoples perspectives and knowledge.

The materials are suitable for elementary and secondary levels. This agreement includes:

Volume 1: The Ojibwe
Volume 2: The Haida
Volume 3: The Mi’kmaq

Both digital and print versions are available at preferred pricing for ERAC members.

Digital versions can be ordered directly through ERAC and we will invoice you for the number of schools in your District.

If you are not ordering digital versions, print copies can be ordered via the Canoe Kids online store, using the ERAC member discount code.

For full details of this agreement, including confidential pricing information, an order form and the discount code for print copies, click here.