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A Curated List of Websites for Classroom Use to Save You Time

A Curated List of Websites for Classroom Use to Save You Time

June 2, 2017


The collection will include Canadian websites that add value for students and educators. Today’s learners engage with a variety of media, including games, videos, web casts and interactive online tools outside the classroom. Using similar tools in the classroom will increase student engagement with the BC Curriculum and the intended learning outcomes.

As online resources expand, teachers have the daunting job of choosing resources that fit the criteria that makes them suited for classroom use. This new collection of online resources meets a baseline set of criteria that ensures each online resource is suitable for classroom use:

  • Free to access
  • Free of advertising
  • Accessible without authentication
  • More than edu-tainment
  • Curriculum support

Resources that pass the preliminary criteria then go through a deep evaluation by teams of trained evaluators who are practicing BC teachers to ensure that they are relevant to students, accurate, timely, and appropriate as well as meet core and curricular competencies based on the BC Curriculum.

Fast Track Students to Quality Content

For example, the resource A Journey into Time Immemorial is from the SFU Virtual Museum and offers “an in-depth look at the culture and customs of the Sto:lo people” according to the ERAC review. The content supports grades 4 through 12 in a variety of subject areas and “is a rich source of non-fiction texts.”

The number of websites from a Google search, many of which have commercial interests, make finding suitable and safe digital learning experiences and resources challenging for teachers. Even within one site, such as NASA, finding the materials suitable for your students can be overwhelming. Having a curated collection of pre-selected sites – with specific URLs to the exact resources you are looking for – saves time and ensures that students can access digital resources that will engage and educate them.


Many interactive sites exist in a variety of subject areas including science, coding, space and language arts. Consider Storyline Online, which has celebrated actors reading to students in an engaging manner with images and illustrations included. Many students will recognize Elijah Wood from the Lord of the Rings reading Me and My Cat by Satoshi Kitamura. Each book comes with an Activity Guide that suggests ways of working with the book in the classroom including information regarding both the author and the reader.

This collection will include virtual tours, videos, web casts, demonstrations, games and more.

How To Access the New Collection

  • Go to the K12 Resource Collection website and apply the website search filter to see the collections’ newly added website titles.
    • To access the complete review, click into the resource and use your district or school email address to sign in to your ERAC account. If you do not have an account, please create one by visiting the ERAC homepage.
  • Access the collection using the K12 Resource Collection App