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Canoe Kids

Canoe Kids

August 1, 2019
July 31, 2022

4Canoes (formerly Canoe Kids) is a Canadian publication that celebrates authentic Indigenous voices through digital and print magazines, with each issue focusing on a distinct Indigenous culture.

The stories, themes and extraordinary photography are a valuable resource for teachers and students in developing an understanding of First Peoples perspectives and knowledge.

There are 22+ issues planned with the Dakelh (Carrier) publication currently in development.

What Products are Available?

Volume 1: The Ojibwe of Great Spirit Island
Volume 2: The Haida of Haida Gwaii
Volume 3: The Mi’kmaq of Newfoundland

Click here for the ERAC evaluations of Canoe Kids Volumes 1-3.

Available soon: Volume 4: 4Canoes – The Yavapai…People of the Sun (not included in BC Digital Classroom collection)


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